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CBG + CBD Softgel

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60 capsules per bottle

17mg CBG + 17mg CBD per capsule

People who use CBD:CBG report feeling calm and focused with less irritability.  CBD+CBG is the perfect daytime supplement if you’re experiencing brain fog, burnout, physical nervousness, an overactive mind, restless or fidgeting.

Premium US Hemp

Perfect for all-day clarity & focus

 Ease away the stresses of the day

Burnout symptoms

Extra strong for maximum support

Long lasting support


How To Use CBG:CBD Capsules:
  • Take (1) orally with a glass of water in the morning

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About the Product

3rd Party Lab Tested
USDA certified Organic CBD
USDA Organic CBD
Natural Farming Practices
USA grown hemp
US Grown Hemp
CBG softgel

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How Our CBG:CBD Is Crafted With Care

Supporting Small Farmers

Our CBD:CBG oil is made from hemp which is grown with care on small American farms following natural farming practices.

Full Spectrum

Our CBD:CBG oil contains mutiple cannabinoids so you can experience the synergistic power, or the "Entourage Effect" of all of the plant's cannabinoids working together.

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Tested & Toxin Free

We strive to produce pure and potent products. We continuously test our products to ensure our products are safe.

How to Enjoy CBD:CBG


Take CBG:CBD in the morning for all day calm & clarity.

A Natural Way to Feel Better

Our Full Spectrum CBD:CBG oils contain powerful cannabinoid to help you feel calm, focused, clear and happy.

Why should I Use CBD:CBG

CBD is simple to incorporate into your daily wellness routine so you can feel your best.

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High Quality CBD:CBG

Frequently Asked Questions


What is CBG?

CBG is short for cannabigerol, (ka-nah-big-erol) which is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It has a wide range of potential health benefits, including improving wellness, soothing tension, and supporting focus. It's especially poplar for its effects on the brain and digestive system.

How do I know which CBD:CBG dose is right for me?

The dose varies for everyone as it depends on your age, weight, the severity of your issue and your body’s absorption rate.  If you are new to CBG we recommend starting with 1 softgel.

Why should I take CBG+CBD:

People who use CBD:CBG report feeling calm and focused with less irritability. CBD+CBG is the perfect daytime supplement if you're experiencing brain fog, burnout, physical nervousness, an overactive mind, restless or fidgeting.

Why a softgel?

We love the sustained, long lasting effects, that softgels provide for full day support.

How does it work?

The CBD helps modulate brain activity and the CBG helps control brain inflammation and oxidative stress and stimulate the growth of new brain cells.

Studies have suggested that CBG provides anti-anxiety properties by inhibiting the uptake of GABA. Besides serotonin GABA is one of the overactive neurotransmitters that can cause anxiety symptoms. This leads to a feeling of relaxation and the release of built-up tensions.


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