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How to Take CBD: The 3 Ways You Need to Know

How to Take CBD

These days, everybody is talking about CBD. And for good reason! The top reasons people take CBD are for pain, daily stress, sleep, and pain.

But you might be wondering how to take CBD? Good question! Let’s take a look.

How to Take CBD: Organic CBD Oil

Oil is the most common way to take cbd.

CBD is used to create a variety of products, like our Organic CBD Oil: Starter Strength and Organic  CBD Oil: Extra Strength.

Here is the suggested use for each of these organic CBD oils:

  • Adults take ½ or one droppers’ worth of organic CBD oil according to the suggested use, orally.
  • Consistency is essential with CBD. Find a time of day when your CBD routine works best for you. Most people take CBD in the morning and 30 minutes before bed.

Organic CBD Oil: Starter Strength Product Details: 

  • 1200mg CBD per bottle
  • 40mg CBD per 1ml serving
  • 30 (1ml) servings per bottle
  • Natural hemp flavor
  • USDA certified organic cbd oil
  • Full Spectrum

Organic CBD Oil: Extra Strength Product Details: 

  • 2400mg CBD per bottle
  • 80mg CBD per 1ml serving
  • 30 (1ml) servings per bottle
  • Natural Hemp Flavor
  • USDA certified organic cbd oil
  • Full Spectrum CBD

You can see that the Extra Strength has double the potency of the regular strength product. In other words, this is a strong CBD!

With the correct dose, you’ll feel relief within 45 minutes to an hour, maybe even sooner! As with any daily supplement, consistency is important. Missing days or servings can affect how it’s helping to support your body. We recommend incorporating our organic CBD products into your daily wellness routine.

How to Take CBD: Organic CBD Lotion

Not only can you ingest CBD, but it can be part of your skincare routine too! Aunt Bonnie’s organic CBD Lavender Lotion is full-spectrum 1000mg. It can help soothe and moisturize your body while supporting you day to day, moment-to-moment.*This luxurious lotion is free of 8 major allergens. It’s gluten-free, vegan and has never been tested on animals.

Lavender Organic CBD Lotion Product Details:

  • Strong, 1000mg CBD per bottle
  • Nourish & moisturize the skin*
  • Target local discomfort
  • Powerful blend of oils, Lavender & Arnica 

The suggested use for organic CBD topical lotion is to apply to the skin on joints, muscles, hands, feet, temples, abdomen, neck, and back as needed. Allow it to absorb.

This lavender organic CBD lotion is one of our favorite ways to take CBD. The cream is a great introductory product that helps you get acquainted with CBD and all its benefits. In addition to the CBD benefits, we welcome you to take a look at our high quality, simple ingredients. You’ll love the soothing feeling of this lotion, especially knowing it’s not filled with foreign ingredients that are too difficult to read.

How to Take CBD: CBD Gummies

Another popular way to take CBD is by eating CBD gummies. They’re made with full-spectrum hemp and include 30mg of CBD per gummy. These CBD gummies come in several tasty flavors: Mango, Lemon, Apple and Watermelon. These delicious gummies will give you pleasure and relaxation while also offering the benefits of the whole plant.

Some of the CBD gummies’ benefits include helping manage everyday stressors, encouraging relaxation, and supporting regular sleep cycles.*

How to take CBD in the form of a gummy? Take one gummy daily, around breakfast time for all day bliss or in the late afternoon for a relaxing evening and better rest.

How Do I Know Which Dose of CBD is Right for Me?

The CBD dose varies for everyone since it depends on your desired results, your body’s weight and metabolism, and the concentration of CBD. Follow the recommended serving size on each of our product packages. If you’re nervous or new to CBD, start with our  Starter Strength CBD. You can always dose down and take a little less than the suggested serving size.

In this blog, we’ve outlined just a few ways to take CBD based on each specific product, but there are many other products to support you. You can try Aunt Bonnie’s CBD supplements, liquid capsules, and for the furry friends in your life, we even have CBD products for pets. Make sure to note exactly how to take each CBD product and follow the labels’ instructions for each product.

Bringing It Home

The use of CBD oil has taken the world by storm. Many people are looking for holistic support to help them maintain focus, calm their mind, manage everyday stress, improve sleep, and find a healthy balance.  Now that you know how to take CBD products, we hope you’ll give Aunt Bonnie’s a try.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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