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How Does CBD Oil Help With Stress?

How Does CBD Oil Help With Stress/ Sleep Problems?

Sleep and lack of sleep can have an intense impact on your health. Sleep is the most important part of getting healthy and staying healthy.  Many people overlook the importance of healthy sleep.  Sleep disturbances can contribute to many illnesses.

Unfortunately, our busy, on the go, high stress lives can have us staying up too late.  When we finally hit our pillow our minds can keep us up at night as we play through the responsibilities we have on our plate.   Stress can too often take a toll on quality sleep.   Understanding and addressing the links between stress/ sleep problems can be fundamental to physical and emotional wellness.  

Does CBD Actually Reduce Stress?

According to a survey from the Brightfield Group More than 60 percent of people who use CBD oil do so to help with their stress/ sleep problems.  CBD is quickly becoming a go-to natural product for stress and sleep problems.

CBD Stress Study &  Research 

Since the 1980’s researchers have been examining the effects of CBD and stress.  CBD has drawn increased attention for help with stress/ sleep problems as the majority of existing data suggest CBD is safe, well tolerated, has few adverse effects, and demonstrates no potential for abuse or dependence in humans.  

Results from a case study on the effects of CBD on sleep problems showed that CBD helped to reduce the stress scores of nearly 80% of the adults in the study after just one month of daily CBD using 25 milligrams of CBD oil in capsule form.

Pros and Cons of CBD Oil For Stress

   CBD is quickly becoming a go-to natural product for stress and  sleep problems as many people look for alternate natural remedies.

Can I Use CBD Oil To Help With Stress/ Sleep Problems?

Many people find that including CBD once or twice daily into their routine is best. CBD is often used in the morning for all day relief and an hour or two before bed to increase relaxation for better sleep.

CBD comes in many forms.  It can be ingested as an oil, tincture, gummy or soft gel, it can also be applied topically as a lotion. CBD flower can be smoked or vaporized. 

Our Organic CBD tinctures or oils are quickly absorbed between 15-30 minutes. Effects generally last 3-4 hours. 

CBD gummies, soft gels or capsules take the longest time for effects to be felt – between 1 and 2 hours. This method of ingestion offers the longest duration, 6-8 hours

Topical CBD lotions are fast acting with effects lasting several hours, but may not be as effective for stress/ sleep problems as our other options.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil For Stress

CBD oil and hemp seed oil are not the same things. Hemp seed oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds are even sold in grocery stores! Hemp seed oil is commonly found in cooking oils because it’s high in omega-3 fatty acids. There is no CBD in hemp seeds or hemp.

Full Spectrum CBD oil or Full Spectrum Hemp Oil are made from the flower of the hemp plant. Full Spectrum is an extract that contains everything that occurs naturally in the plant. The full spectrum of compounds found in the plant creates the “entourage effect.” All of the elements work together to increase the benefits of each cannabinoid. If you’re looking for the full benefits of the hemp plant the way nature intended, Full Spectrum CBD is the right choice for you. The versatility and positive effects of Full Spectrum CBD are well suited to the widest range of people, which is why we carry Full Spectrum CBD here at Aunt Bonnie’s.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

The World Health Origination concludes that “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile”.

At Aunt Bonnie’s we are committed to high quality products and are proud to work with local and organic hemp farmers.  Our products are tested and toxin free.  We strive to produce pure and potent products.  We continuously test them to ensure they are safe.

What are CBD Oil Side Effects?

In this study one-third of CBD users reported a non-serious side effect, including dry mouth, euphoria, hunger, irritated eyes, and/or fatigue.

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